4 Things You Totally Don’t Need To Be Healthy!

June 1, 2021
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The wellness world is saturated with products to “make you healthier”. Yet not all health products are absolutely necessary. In fact, most of them are completely unnecessary! But that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the options and experimenting with them if you feel drawn to. I’m grateful that we live in a society where such things are available and on the market. So go ahead enjoy them if you please, but never feel like you NEED any of these things in order to be healthy.

Here’s a collection of some products I’ve seen that while being great options if you can afford them and want to include them in your wellness regimen, are definitely not needed to be healthy. And some alternatives for what you can do instead.

1. All organic everything!

I definitely think there is merit to buying organic whenever you can. Cutting down on your exposure to pesticides and other toxins is definitely a valuable undertaking. However, buying solely organic food can get costly and typically isn’t in the budget for everyone and that’s okay! Put the “organic” emphasis where it will make the biggest difference, which is typically when it comes to your animal proteins and avoiding the conventional produce that has the highest pesticide residue levels. You can use the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists to help you navigate where to put your money when it comes to organic produce. 

2. Adaptogen or CBD drinks!

I’ll be honest, I definitely indulge in these on the regular but mostly because I choose to drink these when everyone around me is drinking alcohol. These drinks can be tasty, fun, and can offer some really cool ingredients that are meant to help with a multitude of things. There are adaptogenic drinks to help you relax and unwind, drinks with CBD to help you sleep, and drinks with nootropics to give you a nice little pick-me-up. 

Yet, these drinks are a totally unnecessary part of one’s overall wellness routine. If they are out of your budget you can get a lot of the same benefits from herbal teas for a much better price. For example tulsi tea can help you manage stress and ease inflammation. Or you can buy powdered adaptogens like maca or ashwagandha which can be easily added to coffee or lattes for a much more cost-effective method.

It’s also important to note that adaptogens aren’t for everyone. Certain adaptogens can be great for certain people, but blindly using adaptogens every day can be problematic for some individuals. So check in with your health care provider to make sure that these products are okay for you to consume on the regular. 

3. Gimmicky labels!

When you’re grocery shopping, it’s easy to get excited about items that claim to be “gluten-free,” “plant-based,” “refined sugar free” or “keto”. But these foods are definitely not essential for healthy eating, and these marketing claims are sometimes there just to boost the overall price of the item. 

Instead, you can opt to whip up your own recipes that are naturally healthy. For example, you could make your own paleo-friendly snack mix by combining plantain chips, cashews, pecans, and pumpkin seeds and coating it with seasonings like salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and a little maple syrup. You will get way more snacks out of it making it yourself in 5 five minutes than you would buying it pre-made. 

4. A Peloton, Mirror, or any other fancy exercise equipment!

Now, I’ll admit that I really want one of these high-tech mirrors that allow you to work out at home with trainers and take online classes But for around $1,500 it’s just not something that everyone can invest in. Pelotons are right up there in price! You can get equally effective workouts with other online videos (thousands of which are free on youtube) or by getting outside and going for a jog or bike ride. 

So to summarize, if you enjoy any of these things that’s great! They can be an awesome part of your wellness routine. But know that if you don’t have access to them or they don’t fit with your lifestyle, you can still be healthy without them. Furthermore, if you feel you could use some support in getting started or staying motivated with your healthy lifestyle, us here at Mahan Health are happy to help. We offer Wellness Packages and Health Coaching that is aimed to keep you supported as you work toward your health and wellness goals.

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