Exploring The Circle of Life: Education

August 7, 2023
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Welcome to another edition of Exploring the Circle of Life! As we move along the pie chart, we’re shifting from our previous discussion on our relationship to our careers to a discussion on our relationship to learning.

I was sitting by a pond the other day, reading a fantastic book called “Happiness is Overrated” by Cuong Lu, when a simple thought struck my head. Our purpose in life is to learn. For such a simple statement, it truly resonated with me and has allowed me to view everything that happens around me as an opportunity to stay curious, and learn something new.

Whether that statement resonates with you or not, it is undeniable that as humans, we are constantly learning and adapting. Even when we get caught up in the strains and demands of everyday life, we are still learning new things about ourselves and our environment. And in an age where information is so readily available at our fingertips or the click of a button, how could we not get excited by new facts, articles, and stories about this world? 

But our education is also so much more than the degrees or accolades we collect, or how many books we’ve read. Our education is the sum of our curiosity, life experiences, and relationships. It is the knowledge we have accrued throughout our lifetime: knowledge that inspires us to grow as people, knowledge that supports our creativity, and knowledge that helps us better relate to each other. As a result, our education is the thing that helps us to personally grow and intellectually thrive.

Therefore, it is crucial that we allow ourselves not only opportunities to continue learning in a multitude of ways, but also that we allow ourselves to adopt a learning mindset.

What’s a learning mindset? Read on to find 5 simple ways to make more room for learning in your life.

  1. Cultivate a Learning Mindset: This is a mindset that encourages approaching every experience as an opportunity to learn, whether it’s reading a book, watching a documentary, or engaging in a conversation. Our purpose is to learn. Embracing curiosity and a thirst for knowledge allows us to see education as a means of personal growth rather than a chore. By adopting a learning mindset, we keep an open mind to new experiences and information.
  2. Diversify How You Learn: While traditional education is important, learning should not be limited to the confines of a classroom. There are many alternative platforms including podcasts, online courses, educational YouTube channels, and informative websites that support our continuous learning.

    By using different educational tools and methods, we gain more diverse perspectives. Try out a new podcast today (Did you know that there is a Mahan Health Podcast?). Or allow yourself some time to look into that bread-making course you’ve always wanted to take. There’s so much available to us!
  3. Embrace Lifelong Learning: Education isn’t restricted to a specific phase of life; it is a lifelong journey! One that we are constantly contributing to by engaging in hobbies, traveling, or meeting new people. Engaging in learning opportunities outside of our comfort zones will also challenge us to keep learning new subjects, skills, and ideas.

    Whether it’s taking up a new hobby, attending workshops or seminars, or enrolling in online courses, actively seeking out ongoing education will keep our minds sharp and open to growth. Read more about the importance of Lifelong Learning!
  4. Promote Self-reflection: As lifelong learners, it’s important that we also reflect on our own learning processes. Self-reflection allows us to evaluate our own unique learning processes, and identify if there are ways we would like to improve on or build our strengths.

    Engaging in activities such as journaling, mind mapping, or group discussions not only enhances our understanding of how we learn, but it also encourages self-awareness and a deeper appreciation for the learning process itself.
  5. Engage in Collaborative Learning: Education is a collective process! We learn best when we share ideas, perspectives, and experiences with others. By actively participating in group projects, discussions, or joining communities with similar interests, we connect and build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

Learning is transformative, and certainly not relegated strictly to the classroom. It is a lifelong journey that shapes our own personal growth, and also our contributions to each other. 

What are some things you enjoy learning about? Or what are some life lessons you’ve recently learned? We would love to learn how you stay curious! If you’d like to learn more about the Learning Mindset, how you can enhance your curiosity, or maybe you just want some assistance tackling that ever-growing list of books you want to read, come and book an Initial Health Coaching appointment! I’d love to be a resource for you.

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    As an organic farmer, local food system advocate, and now certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, food has always been everything to me. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease that I was truly able to grasp the power food has on transforming our health. My own health journey has also opened my eyes to the fact that our health and well-being relies on so much more than just the food we eat. Our lifestyle choices, coupled with how we prioritize self-care, are just as critically important. That’s why as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, it is my goal to inspire others of the power food has to transform our health, and of the cascading wonders that happen when we prioritize taking care of ourselves in ways we deeply align with.

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