From Heartbreak to Baby: How They Overcame Five Failed IVF Cycles and Three Miscarriages

June 30, 2024

In the world of fertility struggles, every story is unique, but some stories stand out for their sheer resilience and eventual triumph. One such story is that of my 37 year old client, who after enduring the heartache of five failed IVF cycles and three miscarriages that never progressed beyond eight weeks, found hope and success through a holistic and comprehensive approach.

When my client came to me, she had already faced numerous challenges and disappointments. We worked together for just four months before she got pregnant naturally. The turning point came when we decided to dig deeper and uncover the root cause of her fertility struggles.

From her initial questionnaires, it became evident that her workplace environment was likely filled with toxins. To confirm our suspicions, we conducted a toxin burden test, and the results were alarming. She had a significant level of toxins in her system, which no one had previously addressed.

My client was also diagnosed with Lupus and had low progesterone, which added another layer of complexity to her situation. With this information, we developed a thorough detox protocol to help her body eliminate these harmful substances. Following the detox, we focused on rebuilding her health. 

We proceeded with extensive functional lab testing to get a complete picture of her health. The results showed low ferritin, low Vitamin D, low DHEA, and functionally lower thyroid hormone levels. Additionally, we discovered that she had intestinal hyperpermeability, commonly known as “leaky gut,” which was affecting her digestion and, subsequently, her hormone health.

Understanding that fertility is a shared journey, we also assessed her partner’s sperm health via a DNA fragmentation analysis. This comprehensive approach ensured that both partners were in the best possible health to conceive.

We tackled all these issues through a combination of nutrition, lifestyle changes, supplementation, and herbal medicine. This holistic approach not only improved her overall health but also created a conducive environment for pregnancy.

Remarkably, within three months of implementing these changes, my client became pregnant. We closely monitored her labs throughout the pregnancy to ensure she could maintain a healthy pregnancy while also supporting her anxiety.

Nine months later, she delivered a beautiful, healthy Gemini baby, bringing immense joy to the new parents! 

If you’ve been diagnosed with “unexplained infertility,” it might actually be “unexplored infertility.” This means that your doctor might not be looking at all the factors that could impact your ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy.

In my practice, I have about a 75% success rate because I thoroughly explore all potential causes of infertility while IVF is less than 40% effective when you’re under the age of 37 and it goes down to 26% after. My average client age is 38!

My goal is to help you avoid the costly and emotionally draining cycle of IVF (this client spent $80,000!). These invasive procedures can often feel impersonal and leave you feeling like just another number in a factory.

I work with both partners because it truly takes two to start a family. By addressing both partners’ health, we create the best possible conditions for natural conception.

If you’re ready to start your family and get to the root of your fertility struggles, schedule a free fertility discovery call. Together, we can explore all the factors affecting your fertility and pave the way for your journey to parenthood.

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