How To Refresh Your Body This Spring

May 4, 2022

Humans have long associated spring with a time for rejuvenation and a fresh start. It’s when we open up the windows and let the fresh air in and usher out the trapped dust and debris of a long winter. It’s when we deep clean our homes and welcome in the new season of light and airy feels. Yet that’s where most people stop.

But spring is a perfect time to refresh our bodies as well. Just like our homes, our bodies have gone through a season of stagnation and cold and could use a good spring cleaning themselves.

So here are a few ways you can connect with the season and give your body a good spring cleaning!

1. Get Grounded!

I feel like earthing has been a hot topic for like the last 6 years or more but that’s not without good reason. It is one of the easiest and cheapest (since it’s free) ways to ground yourself and connect with nature. I try to make sure I get my bare feet to connect with the earth every day when it’s warm enough outside. You can also practice earthing by hugging a tree or simply resting your hands on its trunk and letting yourself connect with the tree’s energy. So get outside and get to grounding, spring is the perfect time to start!

2. Move Your Lymph

Our lymphatic system plays a huge part in our overall well-being and specifically our immunity. Make sure yours is in top-notch shape this spring by incorporating some of these tips to get your winter stagnant lymph moving and flowing again.

Herbs – Herbs have been used traditionally for ages to help get the lymph flowing and refresh your lymphatic system after the winter months. Herbs like cleavers, calendula, and dandelion are gentle and can help get things moving. Be sure to do your own research and always check with your doctor before adding in herbs like these as they can have adverse effects when combined with certain medications.

Movement – Walking, jump roping, and rebounding are easy and very effective ways to help manually move your lymph.

Deep Breathing – Probably one of the easiest but most overlooked and forgotten ways to move your lymph is by practicing deep breathing. So think belly breathing and making sure your exhale is long and drawn out. This is our built-in mechanism for pumping our lymphatic system. Ao set aside a few minutes each day to do a deep breathing exercise or even better an actual breathwork session.

3. Lighten Up Your Cooking
Employ more seasonal spring veggies. Embrace the season and go for foods that feel refreshing and nourishing rather than dense and hearty. Think foods like leafy greens, sprouts/microgreens, asparagus, cherries, leeks, spring peas,

4. Bring Some of the Outdoors In

The sight of greenery and flowers is proven to help boost your mood. Mental health plays a huge role in your overall well-being so be sure not to neglect it. By bringing some of nature indoors you are ensuring that you are connecting with the changing seasons but you are also increasing your own positivity. This could be buying some nice potted plants that will also help freshen the air in your home. But it could also be buying a bouquet of fresh flowers weekly, or picking flowers from your own yard and arranging them yourself.

Take some time this week or next to really engage with the season of spring and to help give your body and mind a nice refresh.

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